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You're Wasting Thousands of Dollars

You probably didn't know this, but you don't have to hire a human resources manager anymore. It's an older way of doing business. Instead of you having to hire them, hire us because we're the ones who hire them! Instead of paying for a full salary, benefits, onboarding costs and bonuses an HR manager can cost your company, we can do it for a fraction of the cost.

How much do you use your human resources manager? Well, outsourcing your HR department is best for companies ranging from just a few employees and growing, all the way up to about 130 employees or any company that just doesn't want to hire a manager. If you fit within this range, you're the perfect candidate for us.

"Oh - but you will probably get me set up and then I'll never be able to get what I need." You say?

That's not the truth. Our technology and customer service is dedicated to making sure that you get the answers when and how you want them, and we are dedicated to making you happy (as if you had that manager). You're not just hiring a company to do an aspect of work for you, but you are hiring us to be you.

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